Monday, 9 February 2015

My Bleaching Product Reduces Cancer…Bleaching Expert, Tonye Pela

As a dark skin fellow, what will prompt you wanting to change your skin colour all in the name of wanting to be fair? It means God made a mistake in creating different kind of skin colours then. Many people invest their hard-earned money in various bleaching cream just to look like the foreign people. For guys that bleach, they feel it is the best way to please a lady and for the ladies, they believe they will best fit into any
environment they find themselves and look radiant in the eyes of many. Being a dark skin fellow is not a mistake as there are many benefits attached to this particular skin colour. For example, a dark skin fellow can move freely when he/she sustains an injury because the part will be dark but a fair skin would rather be red and the parts will be obvious. Well, for Nigeria’s beautician and bleaching expert, Tonye Pela Okiemute, bleaching is nothing to him as he specializes in skin whitening and sales of bleaching products which is not a big deal. In an interview with Encomium magazine, the expert explained that the negative impact from bleaching is when one uses a bad product. According to him, “Gone are those days when people use bad products like Hydroquine and other forms of chemicals that cause damage to the skin. We use advanced products and herbs which makes our skin look healthy. We have discovered some other products like Gluthatione. They are pills that are medically good and needed for the body, which has its side effect as lightening the skin. So it is not a bad side effect because many people want to lighten up so they lighten up and become healthy. Gluthathione kills and reduces Cancer. It kills kidney problem, kills lungs problems. It reduces high blood pressure. It is anti-aging, clears spots and pimples from your face and body. It is more of a healthy medication with its side effect as whitening.” After using his products on himself, Tonye dropped a throwback picture of his old looks and compared it with his recent looks to show how using the right bleaching product can grantee that fairness most people desires.

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