Monday, 16 February 2015

Popular Comedian, Seyi Law and his wife, Stacy Ebere have suffered a heartbreaking loss!

The couple who got married 2011 and were expecting a baby have sadly lost their child at birth. The couple have been in the United States of America for the past few weeks awaiting and anticipating the bundle of joy before the heartbreaking tragedy happened. The baby was said to have died few hours after she was born.

Stacy announced the unfortunate sad demise of the new born baby girl on her blackberry messenger saying: “We lost our baby (daughter) Cossy R.I.P. Thank God for his strength. I am still standing. Please bear with me I can’t explain to you all.”

Seyi Law also mourned their loss on social media, he posted this below:
“My heart is blank,
My joy has disappeared,
Anger has become my companion.
The wait is over with a bitter end.
Oh Lord! why does it have to be me?
I am so imperfect and never denied it.
The pains of nine months has amounted to nothing.
We believe so much in you.
How do I console her when I can’t find strength myself?
I thought my feet will dance this season.
I have enlarged my tent in waiting,
But my wait has been hit with sadness.
I don’t want to murmur or complain,
But my emotions are hurt.
Help me to stand Lord.
So, I can always be thankful.
I want to be stronger in praises this period.
I want to hold her hands to comfort her.
Help us to pass this season while standing.
Rest well Cossy.”

We hope that the couple will be strengthened to bear the loss and move on to greater things in life!

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