Sunday, 29 March 2015

13 Subtle Signs He Likes You For More Than Just Your Body

It’s hard sometimes to see below the surface and be sure that your boo is really in love with you and not just enjoying your body. While it’s true that men are not as verbally expressive as women, it’s also true that there are tell-tale signs that can show you that he really is into you, and not just your body. Here are the most telling ones:

1. He keeps in touch
He may be very busy but he always finds the time to call you, even if it’s not to set up a date. This is a sure sign that he’s interested in more than just the physical part of your relationship, it shows that he wants to know how you’re doing when you’re not together and hear about your day. That’s caring.
2. He worries
Another one of subtle signs he likes you for more than just your body is when he cares and worries about you. A man who loves you will worry about you when you’re sick and will give you his jacket when you’re cold, even if it’s the middle of the winter and giving you his jacket will mean that he’ll freeze and get sick. Sometimes they even become too worried, which can be irritating but that’s how men are.
3. He asks for your advice
Regardless of the area – clothes, a birthday gift for a family member or a friend, whatever – the fact that your boo wants to hear your opinion on the matter is a clear indication that he really is into you, that he respects you and what you think, and you’ve got a big place in his life.
4. He understands your needs 
That’s part of the whole respect thing that makes up a surprisingly large part of true love. If a man is in love with you, he won’t mind your quirks, he’ll get used to them without much fuss. Plus, he’ll be much more attentive to you and what you want, than his friends and what they want.
5. He’s ready to compromise
Next one of subtle signs he likes you for more than just your body is when he is ready to compromise. We’re all essentially selfish but when we fall in love, both men and women, we become much more willing to compromise than otherwise. So, if your guy accepts to go to a romcom instead of a thriller he’s been wanting to see for a long time, for example, then you know he’s being very serious about you.
6. He touches you
Men who are just in for the, well, ride, are not in the habit of touching the woman outside the bedroom. If he holds your hand, embraces you and takes every little chance to touch any part of you, this means he’s most definitely not just in for the bedroom fun.
7. He always has time for you
Another one of subtle signs he likes you for more than just your body is when he has time for you. It’s all about prioritisation. The more important something or someone is for you – or your man – the more likely you are to make time for it, right? So, if he finds the time to see you at the end of a busy day, even for a little bit, then rest assured that you’re not just a fling.
8. He’s a gentleman
Even the roughest, toughest man out there would magically turn into a knight when he’s really into a woman. Holding a door for you, shielding you from rain or snow, basically making sure nothing bad ever happens to you while you’re with him is what distinguishes the man in love from the flirt.
9. He wants you to meet his family
A guy who only sees you as a bedroom instrument will never even think about taking you to meet his family. A guy who’s serious, however, can’t wait to do it. Unless, of course, he’s estranged from his parents and siblings. He just wants the important people in his life to get to know each other.
10. You’re in his future
Another one of subtle signs he likes you for more than just your body is when he sees you in his future. If a guy is serious about you, he makes you part of all his future plans, and that doesn’t just mean next summer holiday. You’re also in his long-term plans and he’s not afraid to tell you this or, at least, hint it. Do you really need any further proof he’s into you?
11. He defends you
This means that even if you’re wrong, he’d never say so in front of other people, he’d defend your position. Then, in private, he may criticise you but he’ll be delicate about it, not make a big deal out of it. If you’re right, he’ll be your staunchest defender.
12. He says “We”
When “we” replaces “I”, you know you’ve got a keeper. Add to this his dilated pupils every time he sees you – OK, you’ll have to get close to him to notice this, granted – and any of the above signs, and you can officially part company with your “single” status.
13. He says “I love you”
While it’s true that there are males who’d say this to get you into bed, they are not the majority, by no means. In fact, many men find it extremely hard to verbalise their feelings, hence all the signs we need to be able to read. But once he finds the courage to declare his love for you, you can put all your doubts to bed.
What are other subtle signs he likes you for more than just your body?
Stay happy!

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