Saturday, 7 March 2015

3 Reasons Why You Should Quit Complaining About Challenges by Ewon Adenomon

Let’s say your life is so perfect and you had no disappointments or major setbacks? Life would be easy right? But would easy always be fun? No.
So while the idea of a perfect life sounds cool, it will be so boringggg.
Not only would it be boring, most importantly you definitely won’t be the strong person that you are today.

If you always complain about challenges that you face, here is why you need to quit complaining and be grateful.

Challenges makes you a stronger and better person. You become more confident, more beautiful (inside and out), you appreciate yourself and recognize and appreciate the strength in others.

Ever noticed that when you are feeling your inner strength, you are more inspired to do more as well? Yeah I know that feeling and it is surely great. I find myself setting up new goals for myself, I get better in my relationships and last but not the least I love myself more. (Oh Self-love, what a great feeling).

Errmm about self-love, I am not talking about the do-it-for-the-instagram selfie pictures, even though I take some myself :-), apparently it seems my generation has recently equated selfies to self-love lol , what I mean is something deeper, the type of love that embraces who you are including your flaws. No hatred, no judgment and above all NO COMPARISON. If you do, stop right now. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. It is a DIS-SERVICE to who you are.

You get to learn new things about yourself. Trust me, this is the right time to learn new things about yourself, talents that you did not know existed will spring up. It is also the best time to develop new traits that would help you along your life’s journey. or learning to be more polite to a stranger is not bad idea now is it?

Do not underestimate the importance of patience in your journey to success. Patience is a major ingredient in your journey towards greatness (yes greatness) !!

And if you think you are already a patient human being, more patience in your life never hurt nobody right?

That being said use your setbacks, disappointments and failures as a weapon to ACHIEVE great things not as an excuse to fail or whine.

So that dream or business idea that  you have been pushing aside…now is the time to execute it. Execute it and watch the universe work its magic on making sure that you ATTRACT people that can help it become a reality.

If you have felt this before or you were inspired I want to know about it so leave your comments below.

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