Friday, 27 March 2015

Amber Rose shares untouched butt pic, blames paparazzi for taking bad pics of her

Yesterday, paparazzi released untouched photos of Amber Rose at the beach in Hawaii and in the photos you can see Amber's butt is not as smooth as she wants us to believe (see here) in photos she posts on instagram. Anyway, this morning Amber tried to defend herself (don't know why she would even bother) by sharing the raw untouched photo of this pic she shared two days ago (left is the raw version) claiming it wasn't Photoshopped and blamed paparazzi for taking bad angled unflattering pics of her.

When her followers called her out for lying that the pic was not Photoshopped, Amber quickly took down the post but not before I screen-grabbed it...hehe. See what she wrote after the cut... 


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