Friday, 20 March 2015

Boko Haram members kill their wives as they escape from Bama

TO avoid leaving their wives behind for “unbelievers”, Boko Haram insurgents were said to have been murdering their spouses asking them to wait in heaven for later reunion.

Newly-liberated persons from Bama narrated how that many of the insurgents fearing that they would be captured and killed slaughtered their wives to prevent being inherited by “infidels.”

Our correspondent was told that the insurgents who fled Bama for Gwoza, the last of the territories under them, swiftly slaughtered almost all their wives before the flight.

One of the freed captives from Bama told journalists in Maiduguri on Wednesday evening that many of the insurgents’ wives were killed so that unbelievers would not remarry them.

The source said the insurgents told the killed women that “we will not leave anyone of you because if unbelievers marry you when we get to heaven, there is no way we can meet again so we do this so that we can meet in heaven.”

“The women pleaded with them but they refused and slaughtered them; we were seen as unbelievers because we didn’t accept their faith so we were spared,” the source added.

Narrating their ordeal while in custody of the insurgents, she said, “It was as if heaven will fall; many lost their lives but we were kept in some houses so many things happened, my husband and children were killed but all I could remembered is that yesterday (Tuesday) we were brought to Maiduguri by military who saved us from them.”

Meanwhile, troops of the Nigerian Army, who carried out the liberation of the Bama, Borno State, have discovered wells said to be loaded with corpses of people executed by retreating members of the Boko Haram Islamic Sect.

An intelligence source said the victims were some of the hostages who might have resisted the insurgents during their period of occupation in Bama.

Our correspondent learnt that several other corpses of victims of the terrorists were found by the Bama River.

The terrorists, knowing that that they were going to lose the town to the soldiers, were said to have unleashed mayhem on the town, executing those whose religious ideologies conflicted with their own.

The troops were also said to be interrogating some residents of Bama to ascertain their true identities.
Source: Punch

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