Saturday, 14 March 2015

Buhari could win the election: Buhari leads Jonathan in all online polls!!! The latest poll…

Buhari could win the on-coming Nigeria’s election. NFR has sponsored three independent polls that show Buhari defeating the incumbent on what could be seen as the biggest election upset in Nigeria’s political history.

Apart from NFR, Eurasia says, “there is 60% probability that Nigeria opposition leader Muhammad Buhari could beat President Goodluck Jonathan in this month’s election.”

Many political pundits have predicted that the electoral map favors Mohammad Buhari. Jonathan’s chances are decreasing by the day, no thanks to a very uncoordinated election campaigns, lack of strategy and a winning formula. The President does not have the grass support he enjoyed during the 2011 general election

The South West of Nigeria, the Swing States are likely to vote for the All Progressive Congress (APC). Unlike in 2011 when Jonathan won Lagos State, this time around, APC will win the State regarded in Nigeria as ‘a no man’s land’.

Also, our daily poll survey reveals, 97% of Nigerians are voting along ethnic lines. Take a look at our current social media survey, read the comments. These comments may represent a tiny fraction of Nigerian voters, but in a very keenly contested election year, every vote counts.

Analysts also maintain that Chances of election malpractice to enable the incumbent retain power is made much harder by the Permanent Voters card and the INEC’s card reader.
President Jonathan Goodluck could still spring a surprise, you never know!

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