Friday, 27 March 2015

VIDEO: I Will Flee Nigeria If Buhari Loses- Amaechi

The director of the APC presidential campaign organisation, Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, has revealed that he is ready to flee Nigeria if Muhammadu Buhari loses the forth coming election. While addressing an unknown gathering in a video posted yesterday by “TheFixers TeamNG”, Amaechi said that he already had contacts at the embassy, and even had an offer for permanent residency.“When you pray, first pray to God to help vote out PDP.
When you finish praying.. because that’s the only way you can survive. If you don’t pray and these people continue, then you are in trouble. I will be…” “Anybody who says Goodluck (President Jonathan) would jail Amaechi, just put your ears on the ground, embassies are ready to give me visas.”“If you want, I can show you a paper there (points), one of them sent me a form to fill if I want permanent residency, in Europe… I can give you. “As soon as I finish, I enter plane, I’m out of the country, so you people can be battling here”

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