Friday, 20 March 2015

How DSS Forced Me To Sign Document Recanting ‘N7bn Bribe’ Allegation Against CAN – Borno Pastor

The Borno State-born pastor, Kallamu Musa-Dikwa, who affirmed the allegation that President Goodluck Jonathan gave the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, N7 billion to support his re-election bid, has cried out over threats to his life by operatives of the Directorate of State Service (DSS).

While insisting that the Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor-led CAN collected the said amount, Dikwa said the DSS had forced him to sign a document which they would use against him to prove to the entire
world that “the President (Jonathan) did not bribe CAN to work against the presidential candidate of APC”, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.)

Dikwa said the DSS planned to use the ‘document’, which he was made to sign under duress in some national dailies to portray him as telling lies against the body of Christ.

“They forced me to sign and promise to link me up with the CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, for us to ‘settle’,” he said

The pastor claimed that all these were in addition to pleas from other Christian leaders, especially the Abuja CAN Chairman, to deny that the Christian body collected the said amount (N7bn).

Speaking in Kaduna Thursday, Dikwa told journalists that after the DSS Operatives had treated him like a “common criminal”, they forced him to sign a document to deny what he had said.

According to him, since he broke the news to Nigerians of how the CAN collected N7bn to work against Buhari, his life had been under threat.

He added that as soon as he finished addressing members of the press on the alleged bribe, the DSS invited him to its headquarters in Abuja and asked him to say that CAN did not collect a dime from the President.

The cleric said, “The DSS invited me to their office in Abuja. They wanted to know who gave me the information that CAN collected N7bn from Jonathan and I told them.

“They said all the people I mentioned will be invited. I told them to go ahead and invite them. I even told them how the money was distributed.

“They also said they wanted to know whether the opposition All Progressives Congress was the one sponsoring me to tarnish the image of the CAN and even mention Sam Nda-Isaiah (Publisher of the Leadership Newspapers) and I told them my relationship with him is not political, because since 2006, I have been with him. I told them he (Sam) does not know anything about my revelation on the said money.

“They also asked me what my connection was with the APC presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), and Governor Rotimi Amaechi, and I told them there is nothing that connect us. I told them whatever I said was done for the love of my country.

“After sometime, they drafted a letter which said, ‘I, Pastor Musa… the information I gave that the President gave CAN money was false and that I won’t do that again’.

“They said I should copy what they wrote in my own hand writing. I have to do it because I was alone with them and I felt they could harm me and frame me up.

“They forced me to sign after writing what they drafted. I wanted to refuse but I feared for my life”.
Source: Information Nigeria

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