Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Osinbajo Denies Family Ties With Man In Photo

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the running mate to the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has denied having any family ties with a man he took photographs with in Yewa area of Ogun State, western Nigeria, as speculated by a group loyal to President Goodluck Jonathan.
The photograph shows Professor Osinbajo with the unnamed man in a house built with mud in one of
the villages in Yewa area of Ogun State.

The Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Again (2015-2019) group had taken to social media posting the photographs and calling the elderly man the father of Osinbajo.
Some in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, even mocked Osinbajo, saying they wonder how he would effectively rule the country with Buhari when elected if he could not take care of his family members.

Denying the claims, Osinbajo said the man was not a member of his family and not related to him in any way. He said he met the man when he visited Yewa area of Ogun State on a campaign tour.
He noted that the man is a Nigerian and father to someone and must be respected.
He also said the man was in such condition because the government had failed him and that it is for people like the man that he is running with Buhari to salvage the country.

Osinbajo also used the opportunity to slam the current government of the PDP at the centre for the level of corruption that has taken over the country.
“He isn’t my father, brother, uncle or blood relative. But, he is a Nigerian father. He deserves our respect.

“He might not be my father, but he is a father. Like 110 million extremely poor Nigerians, this government failed him.

“By the way, my own father died on the 22nd of July, 1996. My mother, who is 82 years old, is alive and well in Lagos.

“Whilst the old man is not biologically related to me, we are related because he is a Nigerian, and someone’s father.

“This is why I am running for office and supporting General Buhari to ‘fix’ our ‘poor’ fathers and mothers. Yes, I’d love to ‘fix’ the lot of this ‘poor’ father and many other ‘poor’ fathers. This, more than any, explains us.

“Never before, in the history of this country, has a government been this corrupt.
“We need to change a government that has impoverished our people by grand corruption and misgovernance.”

He promised that his party had in place plans for mass employment, mass low cost housing, conditional cash transfer to the extremely poor, social security for the disabled and elderly poor.
“Together, we plan to implement some of the most daring social programmes, for the poor, this country has ever seen,” he declared.

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