Friday, 13 March 2015

Wife seeks end of 13-yr-old marriage after husband impregnates lunatic

The 13-year-old marriage between Rafiu Kareem and his wife, Titi, has come to an end after the husband allegedly impregnated a mentally deranged woman.
For Titi, the shame of putting up with her husband's misdeed has been taking its toll on her, hence her desire to walk of the marriage.

The public outcry that followed Kareem's deed, especially after the mad woman died led the mother of four filing for a divorce at a Customary Court sitting in Ejigbo, Lagos.

An embittered Titi told the court that she got to know that her husband impregnated the mentally sick woman after the police arrested him over the death of the woman.

The arrest and interrogation led her husband to confessing that he was the man behind the mad woman's pregnancy.

She also told the court that apart from the shameful act of impregnating an insane woman, her hubby had been exhibiting strange behaviour towards her and their children and did not take care of them, adding that he did not respect her as his wife because he slept with other women despite the fact that she played her role as his wife.

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