Friday, 13 March 2015

WOAH! Meet The Woman Who Had Sex With 919 Men In ONE DAY (PHOTOS)

A renowned American Pornographic movie star, Lisa Sparxxx holds the record for the woman that had sex with the most men in a single day.
She had sex with 919 men within 24 hours during the annual World Gang Bang Championship in Warsaw, Poland beating two other women.
Among the women she defeated was the a former world record holder who had sex with 759 men in a day.
In reaction, highly elated Sparxxx said, “The record is 919. It was set in ’04 in Poland. I had a blast… a little sore for a few weeks but I had fun.

“It was kind of like an out of body experience to be able to finish without stopping. The event was supposed to take place at an adult convention. However the Polish government wanted nothing to do with it.”
She continued, “So it was a fun cat and mouse chase. I was a little nervous checking in at the airport, going through customs.
“I figured the Polish Government would catch up with us there. However nothing happened and I was more than happy to be on a plane for a 13 hour flight back home.”
By implication of having a sex row with 919 men, Sparxxx must have spent just 45 seconds having sex with each man, who would beat that?
It’s would be quite crazy to imagine the number of men she would have gone down with if she actually insisted on going beyond one day.

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