Thursday, 5 March 2015

Yvonne Nelson: “this year I’m a secondary virgin … most men are intimidated.”

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson shares her reasons for being celibate this year in her latest interview on The KSM Show, as reported by Spy Ghana.
The actress was there to discuss her upcoming movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes (click here for BTS photos), but it seems as though the topic of her love life took the spotlight instead.

On Fellow Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo, Celibacy & Not Wanting an Industry Man

“I have been declaring this on social media every time that John is not my boyfriend. John has a lot of girlfriends. This year I’m a secondary virgin. I’m just trying to concentrate on my career. John can’t change. He is a ladies’ man and he will forever be John. Plus I don’t want any man in the industry”.

On Men & Control

“Those around my age are bothered that I’m an independent lady. That has always been the problem. There were about two guys who got scared. But I really don’t mind. Middle of last year, I was trying out something and I wasn’t convinced so I backed off. It had to do with the man not being matured enough”.

Story Source:Spy Ghana

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