Friday, 10 April 2015

6 Things Women Want Their Husbands To Know

There are times when women really wish that their husbands could understand what is going on in their minds. Agreed, that understanding women is not easy, but putting an effort to know them is always appreciated. Women love it when men understand them. So, read on to know what every woman wishes her man knew about her.

1. Remembering the special days

Guys, there is no harm in remembering the special days and giving a special treatment to your lady love. They will simply love it, if you go an extra mile to make them feel special. Birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important date might not be a big deal for you but for women it definitely is.

2. Tag along for shopping

It is a universal truth that women love to shop. No matter what the occasion is, shopping brings true happiness to a woman. And, what adds to this happiness is when her husband accompanies her. So, instead of avoiding your wife during her shopping spree, accompany her and help her. She is surely going to give you some ‘brownie’ points once you two are back home after shopping.

3. Friends matter

If your wife can gel well with your buddies, so why can’t you? For women, their friends are like a second family. Their opinion matters the most to them. So, respect her friends or at least try to be nice to them.

4. Be honest and don’t lie

No matter how many affairs you have had or how many misdeeds you have done in the past, just spill out all in front of your girl. They can tolerate and ignore anything but lie. Lying makes them feel that you do not trust them enough to tell the truth.

5. Be emotionally available

Women want their husbands to be their emotional anchor, someone they can count on when they are wrecked emotionally. So, don’t behave like you do not care about her and that she is going to be fine by herself. Listen, understand and be on her side, just the way she does when you are in trouble.

6. Be fair and square

Rules should be applicable to all and sundry. If you do not want your girl to talk to someone or do not want them to hang out with someone in particular, then apply the same rule on yourself too. An unbiased attitude is the key to a happy relationship.


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