Monday, 20 April 2015

ISIS Chief Blows Self Up While Planting Bomb On Busy Road

The ISIS chief of Pakistan, blew himself up as he was planting a bomb on a busy road, police said. Peshawar Police said that 42-year-old Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, was killed when the bomb he was planting accidentally exploded. Saeed along with two of his accomplices were killed on Thursday, when the bomb they were planting exploded. Read more here:

In January, a terrorist accidentally blew himself up along with his class of students while demonstrating how to use a suicide vest, police in Iraq said.

Baghdad Police said that a commander of the terrorist group ISIS, who was training students in a camp north of the city, detonated an explosive belt early on Monday, killing himself and 21 other terrorists

In addition to the 22 fatalities, 15 others were wounded in the explosion in the terrorist complex. Other explosives, including bombs packed in at least 10 vehicles ready for operations, were found in the camp. Eight terrorists were arrested while trying to escape from police.


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