Monday, 20 April 2015

Xenophobia: PHOTOS - See camp where over 1,000 displaced people are now staying in SA

Here are some photos from the Internally Displaced refugees camp with 1000 people, including a lot of small children and pregnant women who up until recently had their own homes but now are forced to live in these tents in this camp in dowtown Johannesburg in an area called Germiston which also was center for a lot of Xenophobic attacks.

The camp, housing displaced immigrants from all over Africa including Nigeria, was set up about a week ago next to the Primrose Hill Police station, on Poppy Rd, Germiston to prevent further attacks 

Founder of Health PR and Catwalk the World Peace campaigns in South Africa, Matthew Mensah, was there recently to deliver food. See the photos he sent to LIB after the cut...

"Next Saturday I'm going again with a group of other volunteers we call 'United 247' .. Especially other West Africans living in the unaffected and plush areas in Joburg should come out and support our fellow Africans who have lost all their belongings due to these Xenophobia attacks. The SA winter has started so its becoming very cold in the evening so blankets, clothes and any food that can be spared are highly welcomed." Matthew said
Anyone that wants to join can contact me or see updates via IG @matthewmensah
Below are other photos of volunteers helping to distribute food at the camp.


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