Tuesday, 5 May 2015

GRAPHIC PHOTO: Police Corporal kills himself, Police Inspector and lover

An argument between two married men, a police corporal and his senior colleague, an inspector, over who actually owns a pretty female recharge card seller, ended in tragedy in Karu town, Abuja.
The corporal had seen the inspector and Chidinma sitting together and nursing some bottles of cold soft drinks. He alighted from the vehicle he was in and accosted them, accusing the inspector of encroaching into his territory and Chidinma of unfaithfulness, saying he had invested in her and yet to see returns.

The inspector, who regarded the corporal’s allegation as an affront,
ordered him to leave the place immediately or be dealt with. This enraged the corporal and he threatened the he would kill Chidinma so that none of them would have her.

The inspector thought it was a joke until he heard the corporal's rifle shout "boomshakalaka!!!" and Chidinma was dead. Before he could cork his own riffle and fire back, he got a shot to the head and fell down flat. The corporal then killed himself.


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