Tuesday, 21 July 2015

VIDEO: Basketmouth Defends President Buhari and boldly Blast Jonathan For Stealing

Popular Nigerian Comedian Basketmouth is currently touring the US with his popular BM Uncensored show;Basketmouth has always been fearless and would say anything unimaginable during his uncensored shows, and this year again, like never before, he delved into politics a little bit, and still kept it as raw as ever.

He brushed a little bit on his recent tweet regarding President Buhari not being a magician and that he has only been at the position for 2 months; Yet Nigerians 
continue to expect drastic and immediate changes, which they did not demand from his predecessor ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

It is nice to see a Nigerian comedian exercising their freedom of speech unlike before where everything is censored because of dictators and military rulers.. Nigeria as a democratic country has certainly come a long way; and here is what the Comedian said about the former president: 

“Goodluck was there for 6 years, all they did was steal money.” in emphasizing the level of corruption during GEJ’s administration, he made reference to an Olympics stadium, that was going to cost $1 billion usd, and the host country in Asia was freaking out; while 1 single woman in Nigeria “stole $20 billion, which means that lady can actually build 20 stadiums”

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