Sunday, 8 February 2015

10 Steps To Grow Your Natural Hair

Unlike our white sisters our African hair may take longer time to grow. Because of its curly nature it is hard to notice any growth but a healthy hair does grow at about 12 inches monthly and with the right treatments, you can grow it longer maybe to shoulder length.

Steps for Growing your Hair.
1. Wash your hair at least once in 2 weeks in order to free your scalp of any dirts, sediments or dandruff that block the pores of your scalp.
2. Don’t comb your hair while it is still wet to avoid removing it from the root. Instead dry your hair before you comb and don’t comb too often.
3. If you can’t stop, try to minimise the use of chemicals, dyes, relaxers, harmful shampoos and conditioner on your hair, all these can cause permanent damage to your hair and prevent it from growing.
4. Avoid using hot combs, irons or stretchers, it makes the hair lose stamina. Rather use large mouth combs.
5. Tie or plait your hair, this reduces hair loss.
6. Clip or trim hair regularly within 8-12 weeks to get rid of damaged or week tip to avoid breakage. Trimming your hair does not make it grow longer, but it does prevent breakage.
7. Use good hair products, preferably ask for professional help when choosing your hair products. Avoid hair products that leave sediments on your scalp. Keep a healthy scalp, use good hair oils.
8. Avoid washing hair too frequently it makes your hair lose its nutrients and it can also cause dry scalp.
9. Eat balance diets, fruits, proteins, medically recommended vitamin regimens, this will help grow a healthy hair.
10. Water Water Water, keep your body hydrated, drink 8-12 glasses of water daily. This will prevent hair breakage and dry scalp.
Follow this simple steps and the change will be noticeable.

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