Tuesday, 17 February 2015

6 Flaws You Must Admit To In Marriage

Ahh, marriage. A partnership that has had folks scratching their heads from the very beginning. Most couples are navigating through their relationships and wondering how to get it right. They may be bumping heads or getting stuck in the same cycle over and over again, questioning why things won’t change. There are a few reasons, 6 in fact, for why your relationship might be floating in the same negative space. It’s usually because
neither of you have been completely honest. Everyone knows honesty is a key ingredient for a healthy love relationship. Pretending things are fine, or that we are at our best, when we aren’t, is dangerous.
It’s difficult to build a solid relationship on a shaky foundation. A relationship is unstable when we enter into it not being completely truthful about who we are and what we are able to provide. Some of us wear masks in the beginning, and when that becomes too uncomfortable, we aren’t quite ready to face the real us. In order to strengthen your marriage foundation, there are a few items you must come clean about.
1. Admit you’re not perfect
The first is to recognize and admit you’re not perfect and you make mistakes too. It’s important to be open and honest about why you behave the way you do, or respond the way you do. It’s a direct result of how you were raised. Explaining your values and beliefs and their origin may bring the clarity your partner needs to love you better and properly.
2. Admit you don’t always know how to be a good spouse
The second truth you must admit is that you don’t always know how to be a good spouse. We must remove the negative thinking that comes with acknowledging we can do better. If there is an area in which you struggle, talk about it. There are far too many resources for us to still be struggling alone. Marriage can be challenging. It’s okay to admit your areas needing improvement and ask your spouse to help hold you accountable.
3. Come clean about when you need help
The third thing to come clean about is when you need help. The word “couple” means there are two. Two people means you don’t have to carry your burden solo. Share with your spouse when you’re feeling stressed, frustrated or defeated and allow them to support you.
4. Ask for what you need
The fourth truth you must share is the one that allows you to ask for what you need and be clear on how often you need it. You have certain desires that need to be fulfilled. If they aren’t, you’re going to act out, shut down or seek what you need from someone other than your spouse.
5. Be open about when you’re feeling a little unsure
The fifth thing to be open about is when you’re feeling a little unsure or having some doubts. Even when it’s an uncomfortable situation, discuss it with your partner. If that cute co-worker’s flirting is making you feel some kind of way, talk about it. Apologize to your spouse, but also ask them to help you navigate what you’re feeling and work at saving your marriage.
6. Admit marriage was more difficult than you thought
The sixth and final thing to share in your moments of truth is that it’s okay to admit this was a little more challenging than you thought. But also convince them that you’re up for the challenge. It’s okay, if marriage is harder than you imagined, share it with your spouse and watch how relieved you’re going to feel. Your partner just may be feeling the same way.
source: bmwk

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