Monday, 9 March 2015

INCREDIBLE: You Wont Believe What This Teacher Told Students About His Penis (VIDEO)

A school teacher’s rants about his penis size to 12-year-old students has irked parents who seek that he should be laid off from the school.

The Holmes Middle School teacher gathered the students and told them that his penis is so long to the point that it could reach a fence.

Unknown to him, one smart student was recording his brags with his cell phone and the teacher has been suspended after the video surfaced.

From the video, the teacher used some obscene language to curse out on them during his ‘long penis speech delivery’.

The teacher pointed out to the students who were obviously having fun that some people have short penises but his is as long as anything, while they laughed it off.

The Texas mother of the student who recorded the video had seen it in his phone and gone to the school to file a complaint against the adverse effect of the teacher’s attitude to the student’s morals.

She expressed her disappointment at the school principal’s reaction to her complaints urging her to deleted the video from the phone.

The enraged parent said she wants the school to totally sack the teacher from the school instead of suspending him for a while.

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