Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A vote for Buhari is a vote to send Nigerians to Prison - Patience Jonathan insists

Wife of the President, Dame Patience Jonathan said Tuesday in Akure, Ondo state that a vote for the APC presidential Candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is a vote to send Nigerians to Prison.

Speaking to a Mammoth crowd at the PDP national rally held at the Gani Fawehinmi freedom Arcade ground in Akure, Dame Jonathan said Gen Buhari is a dictator.

According to her, a dictator will always be a dictator no matter how his handlers white wash him. Nigerians should not make that mistake because a vote for Buhari is a vote to send people to Prison.

She begged Nigerians not to be carried away by the Change mantra of the opposition saying its a deceit.
According to her” a vote for Buhari it is vote for prison while a vote for Jonathan is a vote for continuity, transformation and positive development.

She described the APC as a party of liars, propagandists adding that the party has “nothing to offer but to grab power by all means”

Dame Jonathan said the Jonathan administration impacted the lives of women more than any administration before him

” Do not vote for the candidate of the APC who do not have regard for the women.

She pointed out that out of 42 Federal executive council member under President Jonathan 16 were women

” This is pay back time for President Jonathan all our women should come out on saturday and cast their vote for him

According to him the President has promised to give 40 percent political positions to the women if re elected.

The wife of the President said Nigerians should nail the political coffin of Gen Buhari next Saturday by not voting for him.

She said, “If you vote Buhari, you vote for prison. When the PDP is busy building schools, they are busy thinking of building jails.

“We will not allow our children to be put in jail, God forbid. We pray for oneness, we pray for unity, we pray for peace.”

Patience urged the women to come out on Saturday and vote for “the government that has provided more access to education and health care and brought down by 50 per cent the maternal mortality rate.”

“He was a former Head of State, he did not build Almajiri schools. It was Goodluck Jonathan that built the schools.

“Ask him what he did for women when he was Head of State. It was Goodluck Jonathan that remembered women,” she said.

Dame Jonathan listed all the achievement of the president in the area of education, transportation, Agriculture, oil and gas, power, aviation, trade and investment health and security

The wife of the state governor Mrs Olukemi Mimiko said the state will deliver 90percent votes for the President.

Mrs Mimiko said that the women in the state are convince that a vote for President Jonathan will make a difference their lives and that of their husbands and children

Governor Olusegun Mimiko said under President Jonathan maternal mortality rate has reduced by 50percent.

He pointed out that it was that bad before the President assumed office as an average of 96 women die every month because of maternal mortality.

The governor who said Ondo state is Jonathan territory said the woman in the state will vote enmass for him on Saturday having impacted their lives positively under the Micro credit loans and his other laudable Programmes.
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Source: Nigerian Eye

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