Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ladies: 10 Little Things You Do That Frustrate Your Man

They say that true love is when you love a person entirely, their flaws and all. The truth is though, there are some things that girls do that drive the men mad. You may think nothing of these things that he finds irritating, but read on and find out ten of these little things that your boyfriend finds really frustrating.
1. Taking the food form his plate

You might think it’s cute, sharing his fries with him, but he absolutely detests it. If you want fries, order fries! Don’t take it personally, men are really possessive over their food and they usually don’t like to share it with anyone.

2. Asking him if he still loves you

Yes, he still loves you, or he wouldn’t be there anymore! Guys don’t like it when you keep on asking, over and over again: ‘Do you still love me?’ They can take it almost as an insult, because they think you should know that by now.

3. Taking too long to get ready

Your man loves the way you look, but he dislikes the amount of time you spend in the bathroom. He especially cannot understand why you have to look perfect, just to go to the local store.

4. Gossiping about your friends

You can put this in the category of gossiping, but what it comes down to is that guys are not interested in what your friends have been up to. He probably hardly knows these people and he’s certainly not bothered about who is sleeping with whom. He much rather be talking about you or about things that you can share.

5. Not coming out with what is bothering you

If you don’t tell your man what’s on your mind, he will never be able to work it out, and he can be pretty annoyed when you leave him guessing. Really, ‘You should know what you’ve done wrong’ is one of the most annoying things that you can say to a man, he probably hasn’t a clue what he did that upset you.

6. Asking for his opinion on how you look

Men would rather run and hide, rather than answer this question, because it’s a no win situation. If they offer a bit of constructive criticism, they will be for the high jump and if they say that you look beautiful, you will just say ‘you’re just saying that to please me’.

7. Too many products in the bathroom

With all the makeup, brushes, sponges, haircare and skincare products, a girl usually takes up most of the space in the bathroom. A man will be baffled by the need for so many different bottles and jars, and annoyed when he can’t find the one thing he needs in the morning.

8. Leaving him to make all the decisions

It is true that men like to feel that they are in control, but even they want to have a break sometimes from the role of decision maker. Even more frustrating is when a girl asks the man to make the decision and then doesn’t like the answer. It’s much easier if you just tell him what you would prefer.

9. When you take his bad mood to heart

Assuming that, if your boyfriend is in a bad mood, then it must be something that you have done, is another frustrating thing that girls do and men dislike. If a man is grumpy, it’s best to leave him alone, until he wants to talk about it, and you’ll probably find that it has nothing to do with anything that you have done anyway.

10. Checking up on him

When he’s out with friends, leave him alone. If you keep on texting him, it will seem like you don’t trust him and it will be embarrassing for him too. It can be frustrating, because it makes it seem as though you don’t trust him.

Stay happy!

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